Shot in a suit jacket and swimwear, Powerhouse is a response to the feeling that my body is not my own. As a woman, I am frequently made to feel as though my body is public domain. There are the men who stop their conversations as I pass by, and I can feel their lingering gaze behind me. There are the more vocal ones, who shout come-ons across the street, honk, whistle, grunt, and bark at me on sidewalks, roadways, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and the grocery store. There are times of day I avoid taking the trash out in my own neighborhood because I know men are congregating on the sidewalk outside, times of day I do not walk home alone, that I wish to be invisible against the stares and harassment.

As I’ve experimented with nudity and my physical form in photography, I’ve sought to challenge sex as the naked body’s primary association, and instead explore the body as medium for art. Powerhouse, in turn, attempts to reclaim my sexuality as my own, and the attitude captured is not an inviting one. The images below are an exercise in expressing sexuality outside of the male gaze.